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Guiding students and families to acceptance at their desired, fit schools through a holistic and humanistic approach.

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Core Values


Focusing on Cogita’s four “buckets” (Character, Academics, Activities, and Admissions), we guide students to obtain rich growth opportunities personalized to their interests and strengths. Incorporating important perspectives, including parents, school counselors, and former Admission Officers, we guide students to showcase their individuality which allows them to stand out with their most competitive applications. Throughout, we promote a healthy ecosystem for applications that alleviates anxiety.


We guide students to find their authentic selves through engaging with each individual in self-discovery, articulating their passions, and creating opportunities to maximize time and experiences which demonstrate their best authentic selves. We believe that students who know and demonstrate their authentic selves are more directed in their path, happier with what they participate in, and more successful not only in the admissions process but also in the long run.

Who We Are

We are a team of admissions experts, professionals, listeners, brainstormers, teachers, and so much more. We have over 200 years of collective experience in independent school, college, and graduate school admissions, as well as curriculum design, student holistic growth, character development, and intercultural competency work.

We are educators, mentors, and inspirers. 

We are Cogita. 


Regardless of the outcome, your support and the Cogita team’s presence mean a lot to us. I can’t believe we’re finally here, nearing the end of her college app journey. It’s a mix of relief and bittersweet emotions, knowing we’ll say our goodbyes soon. Over the past two & a half years, we’ve relied on you and the Cogita team for valuable advice to support her growth. Parenting a teenager is challenging, and there are moments of doubt about our decisions-whether we’ve overstressed our child or given her good advice. It was reassuring knowing that you’ve got our backs and injected us with positive energy when we needed it.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being amazing counselors and mentors to her and us. Your unwavering support, wise advice, and gentle encouragement have steered us through some rough waters and made this journey memorable and low anxiety!

Parent of Student C

Just wanted to let you know that you and Cogita are the only consultant who I met by now who has the best compassion and customer-oriented mindset. I feel you understand us so well and always follow in a very efficient and supportive way. It’s so touching having Cogita accompany us at this critical and special period. There is so much sincere appreciation in my heart and in our family. You are an ANGEL. We would not have been able to do this so far without COGITA. 

Parent of Student F

My counselor’s constant support and guidance throughout the past two and a half years of working with her has helped me become the person I am today. With activities like identity maps and reflections on strengths and weaknesses, Cogita has pushed me to reflect on my identity and focus my time on activities that I truly feel passionate about. My counselor has also helped me build my confidence as a student, enabling me to assert myself in and out of the classroom and take leadership positions. I have also been able to partake in some of the most rewarding and educating experiences due to my counselor, by connecting me with Brain Power and inspired me to begin the Science Olympiad Team at my school. Without Cogita, I know that I would not be as confident in my own identity and the actions I choose to take. My counselor has also helped me overcome obstacles I’ve faced throughout the past few years, assuring me that my greatest efforts were acknowledged and enough while also pushing me to find creative solutions. I am so grateful for all of the support I have received throughout this process, as Cogita and my counselor have constantly grounded me and kept me on the right path, both academically and personally.

Student M

Cogita’s personalized approach, which considers not only each student’s strengths and weaknesses but also their unique personal story, has consistently been incredibly beneficial. Whether it was during my college, masters, or medical school admissions process, Cogita’s tailored approach provided ample opportunities for self-reflection and introspection that profoundly influenced my personal identity and development.

Throughout my ten years working with Cogita, I’ve consistently been grateful for the team’s unwavering support and willingness to go above and beyond. What stands out to me, however, is how this support has helped me develop as an individual. Rather than simply providing answers, they empower me to make my own decisions and judgments. This became evident when I was working on my college admissions essays (or let’s be honest, procrastinating on them). I was never given a definitive “right way” or handed the answers. Instead, their timely feedback and thorough edits served as valuable stepping stones, guiding me toward making the best decisions on my own, all while continuing to provide feedback along the way. I never once felt alone during this process, but I still was able to make the final decisions myself. This approach ensures that I take ownership of my choices and offers valuable opportunities for self-reflection and improvement. Cogita’s teaching philosophy and approach have played a crucial role in fostering my personal growth, and for that, I am truly grateful. 

Student J

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