Academic Preparation



Tutoring and Test Preparation

Although our educational philosophy does not emphasize standardized test preparation, we understand the current importance of test scores as an evaluative measure in admissions reviews. We know that many colleges share our philosophy and consider the tests as part of a holistic review.

To assist the students in maximizing their potential, we offer tailored tutoring services from one of our seasoned advisors in the following areas:
–  AP Courses
–  SAT I & SAT II Subjects
– Various Academic Subjects

We approach the testing with a healthy mindset, putting these tests and scores in an appropriate context to help reduce mental and emotional stress.

Enrichment Courses

We also offer several unique courses designed by a team of counselors and tutors that supplement and extend the learning that occurs in school. Some of these courses include:

  • Creative Expression
  • Public Speaking and the Authentic Self
  • Global Topics and Current Events
  • Analytical Writing and Reflection
  • High School Transition
  • College Transition
  • Empathy and Impact
  • Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship