Cogita’s Global Citizenship program, Envoys, utilizes a unique blended model of online courses and international travel to prepare students for the world. We recognize that developing global competency in students necessitates experiences outside of the regular school environment, including:

-Travel to local and foreign destinations and in-person contact with diverse groups
-Challenging physical activities
-Field-based experiential learning
-Volunteer service opportunities
-Guided reflection and analysis
-Continuous exposure to different ways of life

Through Envoys, Cogita works closely with schools and families to create customized learning experiences in locations across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, Europe.

Envoys researches and develops itineraries in foreign contexts that will allow students to have the kind of “defining moments” necessary for skill development. Each activity is designed and tested to build a certain set of skills within students. Envoys works with each school’s standards to find entry points and places where our company’s activities help to reach the school’s goals.

Want to Be an Envoy?