Career Opportunity

Current Opening: Educational Coordinator

Location: Cambridge, M.A 


Master’s in Education, Comparative and International Education or related/equivalent plus 2 years of experience as an Academic Associate, Education Consultant, Education Research Assistant, Education Program Assistant or related in the international education industry (BS plus 5 years of experience in lieu of Master’s plus two). Fluency in Mandarin Chinese is required.


Develop and coordinate the implementation of curriculum, especially culturally nuanced portions to have the most effective and applicable curriculum for Chinese and other international students and clients. Review and recommend educational resources and other reading materials for students, families, and professionals that reflect Cogita’s values on developing ethical engagement, empathy, critical thinking, identity, and global citizenship. Review and recommend textbooks and other educational reading material and resources for students for their school courses, tutoring programs, standardized test preparation and the college admissions process. Review and recommend educational and other reading materials to educational professionals for field specific resources in different subjects as well as specifically for international students and families. Collaborate with other professionals in the international education field to provide learning opportunities for field specific resources. Recommend teaching and tutoring techniques and the use of different or new technologies to create a global digital citizenship in students. Analyze student test data (including both academic testing results and standardized testing results) for the purpose of its weight in admissions and creating an effective testing and study plan or schedule to propose to students and parents. Advise or coach teachers and tutors to improve their skills in working with international students and their families, implementing specific curriculum or college counseling plans and understanding the ultimate goals and outcomes for their students. Train teachers, counselors, other instructional staff, and other stakeholders in new content or programs relevant to current effective pedagogical methods for international students. Plan, organize, and conduct teacher, tutor and family training conferences or workshops, often within schools as a guest speaker or for Cogita-led programs or training workshops. Propose and organize various educational projects, including school tours, on-line webinars and curriculum on the boarding school and college admissions process, and presentations to raise and disseminate the awareness of social responsibility, cultural competence, “best fit” and authenticity in school applications, and the significance of passion in school applications and life. 

This position is eligible for the incentives offered under Cogita’s employee referral program. 

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